ACCOMPANYING PARTNER CAREER SUPPORT – Seasoned expat professionals in culture, media, psychology and information technology, lead a community helping others combine their experience, talents and interests to discover borderless life/ work solutions. – The Thriving Abroad four-part Decide-to-Thrive program enables global mobility and talent management professionals to meet the challenge of addressing the needs of their assignees’ accompanying partners. They support the expat accompanying partner through the entire relocation experience, from initial decision to creation of a fulfilled life abroad.

CULTURAL INTELLIGENCE/ INTERCULTURAL COMPETENCY – The Cultural Intelligence Center, led by Dr. David Livermore and Dr. Linn van Dyne, is dedicated to improving the understanding of cultural intelligence. Website includes assessment tools, certification, research and information, training and consulting. – Home of the GoCulture Assessment tool, this website uses intercultural competency assessment and coaching to devise flexible solutions for cultural preparation and support. ‘We focus on helping you discover your capabilities and channeling your mobility efforts.’

EMOTIONAL/ SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE – Daniel Goleman’s website on emotional, social and ecological intelligence, including a blog, articles, news on developments in the EQ field, and assessments to measure emotional intelligence. – Run by serial expat Helen Maffini, this website explores social emotional learning and wellbeing tools: activities, skills, games, and the latest research to enhance your family’s emotional intelligence. – Website offering free articles, books, tests, information and a newsletter, billing itself as the ‘world’s #1 provider of emotional intelligence’.

EXPAT/ CROSS-CULTURALS – AmeriForce Publishing offers publications supporting US military members and families (e.g., Military Families magazine). – Local information for global expats, including country, city and international school guides, articles and an expat forum. – News and information for the international community of English-speaking expatriates living, working, studying in, and moving to the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, United Kingdom, South Africa and Moscow. – Information for expatriates on overseas moving and relocation abroad, including city guides, expat forums, expat blog network, interviews, classifieds and job listings. – Information and advice for expats moving, living, working and retiring abroad. Learn about jobs, visas, banking, insurance, property, retirement overseas. – Expat community site for expatriate women living overseas. Includes interviews, expat blog directory, success abroad stories and relocation resources. – The Families in Global Transition organization, global leader in cross-cultural education and training to support the entire expat family. FIGT offers information-packed conferences and year-round benefits through its Membership Program and expanding educational website. – Dr. Anne P. Copeland’s not-for-profit research organization to help smooth intercultural transitions. They conduct research on the process of intercultural transition, produce publications to assist newcomers to the US, design and deliver specialized cross-cultural training workshops, and train and consult professionals in the field. – Comprehensive service specializing in helping students who have been living outside their passport countries, successfully manage their transition to college/ university, whether they are returning to their home country or going on to another host country. IFT also provides resources to those who support TCKs and other international students on the receiving end.

MENTAL HEALTH – This website provides an increasingly comprehensive online global listing of professional mental health therapists familiar with the TCK and international expatriate experiences. – This is the link for the Depression Self-Assessment on the Mayo Clinic website, where clinical experts provide current medical information and news on health topics. There is extensive information on depression and anxiety, and you can sign up for a ‘Managing Depression’ newsletter. – This website exists to promote mental health and wellness education, information and advocacy. Offers resources in self-help, psychology and mental health, and has psychiatrists online around the clock to answers questions. – ‘Health, help and happiness’ commentary, research and news covering all aspects of human behavior, from the workings of the brain, to relationships, family life, emotion management and mental health. – This is the Depression Health Check on the WebMD website, a leading source for trustworthy and timely health and medical news and information: ‘better information, better health.’

MINDFULNESS/ MEDITATION – ‘A project in compassionate collaboration.’ Home to a growing collection of free downloads/ exercises for mindfulness-based meditation. – Learn how to relieve stress and boost your mood with powerful relaxation techniques in this article on ‘Expert, Ad-Free Resources Help You Resolve Health Challenges.’

POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY – The website of Dr. Martin Seligman, Director of the University of Pennsylvania’s Positive Psychology Center. In addition to articles, resources and information on initiatives in positive psychology and well-being, it contains questionnaires on emotions, engagement, meaning and life satisfaction.

THIRD CULTURE/ CROSS-CULTURAL KIDS – An online magazine created by twenty-something Third Culture Kids, to build a thriving community centered on quality content and relevant conversation on TCK topics of interest. It represents the modern global nomad community, complete with attitude, expression and creativity. – Dutch for ‘three cultures’, this blog written by an adult TCK is: ‘All about kids growing up in other cultures: Third Culture Kids, expat kids, refugee kids, immigrant kids.’ – ‘The Insider’s Guide to Expatriate Kids’ website providing news and tips for expat parents and children. – Child psychologist Kate Berger offers cultural consultancy and mental health coaching for expatriate children and adolescents (i.e., Third Culture Kids), who are challenged with day-to-day issues surrounding life in a non-native country. – Psychologist Lisa Pittman and Educational Therapist Diana Smit’s blog about issues faced by expat teens in their book of the same name. – Heidi Sand-Hart’s site continues ‘the rambles of a Third Culture Kid’ as she makes her way in the world. – The International Society of Missionary Kids website seeks to equip, engage and enable missionary families. It includes sections for missionary kids (MKs), adult MK, and MK parents as well as other general information. – Julia Simens’ website helping transitioning families worldwide. It includes her articles on early childhood, education, identifying and dealing with emotions, parenting and handling transitions. – Passionate Parenting’s specialist services (including seminars, workshops and resources) are designed to benefit expat, international and local parents of children of all ages in The Hague, Netherlands.